Our adventure…

What does it take to enter the digital world? A developer, a manager and a designer. At least that’s what we thought at justNFT. We set up the API and link to the Cardano blockchain to make the project accessible to you via this website as quickly as possible.

justNFT platform

  • Artists with exclusive rights, on our NFT marketplace.
  • We also support you as a small artist to sell NFTs.
  • You get worldwide reach with your art – anytime, anywhere
  • Now it’s time to make art – send us your works!

How it all started…

As online enthusiasts and freelancers in the web sector, we have been working with modern media for many years. Through the possibilities that are made possible for us with ADA, Cardano and the blockchain technology as a whole, we would like to take the next step towards the future together with many other artists and passionate people.

We are Matthias, Patrick and Alex. Contact us if you are interested in working with our platform. Feel free to send us a message and we’ll talk about future plans with you and your project. We are looking for enthusiastic, great artists and want to give you the opportunity to prove yourself in the cultural diversity of the internet with justNFT.

With our expertise, what is still an obstacle for many is possible for us. Sell and offer your art independently as NFT. With justNFT we wanted to meet exactly this demand and start the project into the crypto world with you.