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Art is now available for your pocket or as a digital tag. Imagine that your works are not only seen by visitors to an exhibition. We enable artists to present themselves on the web and make their works accessible to the whole world.

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The Cardano blockchain is constantly being developed and has also established itself in the NFT scene in recent months. 100,000s of NFTs have already been minted on Cardano using the NFT-Maker tool.


With the technological possibilities that the network offers us, we would like to introduce ourselves as a supporter and offer you the opportunity to take the next step as an artist with the latest achievements of the time.

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At just NFT you can also gain a foothold as a small artist worldwide. The network shows what is good. You know that your style is more than what else the art market has to offer? Apply to become a just NFT partner and sell your art on our site.

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just NFT, just art. Digital and analog spaces are merging more and more, the established market for artists no longer consists only of Picassos and Van Goghs.

Rather, modern art proves itself in digital form, be it in social media, in films or on other screens & smartphones.

Together with you we start one of the greatest adventures of the 21st century. ADA is one of the top currencies worldwide and expects many more innovations. The team of researchers at the Swiss institute is tasked with making the technology and blockchain usable and accessible to everyone on a decentralized level.

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